Differential diagnostics of bronchial allergy and chronic obstructive lung disease

19 June 2011
Written by Grinshtein Yu.I., Shestovitskiy V.A., Maksimova A.V.

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The authors have studied cytological peculiarities and processes of free radical oxidation by chemiluminescent indices of phagocytizing inflammatory cells in breathing passages of patients suffering from bronchial allergy and chronic obstructive lung disease. Having examined 128 patients, they proved firm differences, which may be used as additional criteria for differential diagnostics of these diseases. Based on study materials, they received a patent of Russian Federation for invention Nr. 2262095 dated 10.10.2005.

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Yu.I. Grinshtein, V.A. Shestovitskiy, A.V. Maksimova
Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Prof. V.F. VoynoYasenetskiy (1 Partizana Zheleznyaka Street, Krasnoyarsk 660022), Nr. 20 Municipal Clinical Hospital named after I.S. Berzon (12 Instrumental Street, Krasnoyarsk 660022 Russian Federation)

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