Red algae polysaccharide-based additive and lipid exchange of patients with ischemic heart dis-ease

Written by Sokolova E.V., Ivanova T.B., Kryizhanovsky S.P., Bogdanovich L.N., Barabanova A.O., Ermak I.M.
27 May 2011

  UDK: 616.12‑005.4‑085.272.4:615.322:582.273 | Pages: 26–29 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Antiviral action of red algae-derived Carrageenans in case of experimental Hunt virus infection

Written by Maksema I.G., Kompanets G.G., Barabanova A.O., Ermak I.M., Slonova R.A.
27 May 2011

  UDK: [616.91‑002.151‑06:616.61]‑085.281:582.273 | Pages: 32–34 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Рrebiotic properties of polysаcсharides from brown seaweed Fucus evanescens and perspectives for clinical using

Written by Kuznetsova T.A., Zaporozhetz T.S., Besednova N.N., Makarenkova I.D., Timchenko N.F., Zvyagintseva T.N., Shevchenko N.M., Мandrakova N.V., Mеlnikov V.G.
27 May 2011

  UDK: 615.322:577.114:582.272 | Pages: 37–40 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Marine proteobacterium glycopolymers as promising activators of human innate immunity cells

Written by Smolina T.P., Kuznetsova T.A., Nazarenko E.L., Besednova N.N.
27 May 2011

  UDK: 577.114:612.112.91/.94/.95:612.017.11 | Pages: 59–62 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Polymorphism of interleukin-13 genes and xenobiotic detoxification systems in children with allergic pathology

Written by Bakhaev D.B., Stenkova A.M., Ivanova Yu.V., Schegoleva O.V., Prosekova E.V., Rasskazov V.A., Isaeva M.P.
27 May 2011

  UDK: 616‑056.43:577.22 | Pages: 63–65 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Structure of neuropsycological defect of disseminated sclerosis patients

Written by Korotkova M.A., Gulaeva S.E., Ovchinnikova A.A., Ovchinnikov A.V.
26 May 2011

  UDK: 616.832‑004.2:616.89‑008.6 | Pages: 101–103 | Read full textDownload PDF 

  UDK: 616.36‑003.826‑085.244:615.322:582.272 | Pages: 41–43 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Estimating systemic inflammatory response in patients with obliterating arterial sclerosis of lower limb arteries

Written by Zaporozhets T.S., Maystrovsky K.V., Rapovka V.G., Ivanushko L.A., Smolina T.P., Gazha A.K.
26 April 2011

  UDK: 616.137‑004.6‑002.18‑07 | Pages: 72–77 | Read full textDownload PDF 

  UDK: 616.12‑005.4‑085.272.4:615.324:593.953 | Pages: 29–31 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Functional activity of neutrophils infected by RNA viruses

Written by Lyapun I.N., Plekhova N.G., Somova L.M., Drobot E.I., Kryilova N.V., Maksema I.G.
18 April 2011

  UDK: 616‑022.7:612.112.91:578.223 | Pages: 93–96 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Progression of endothelial dysfunction during experimental hyperlipidemia

Written by Turmova E.P., Lukyanov P.A., Grigoryuk A.A., Byihkov E.A., Tsyiulskiy A.V.
15 April 2011

  UDK: 616.153.915:611.018.74:616.13‑004.6 | Pages: 97–100 | Read full textDownload PDF 

  UDK: 616.24‑007.271‑036.12‑07:612.127.2 | Pages: 77–79 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Role of hypoxemia in formation of upper limb muscle dysfunction in case of chronic obstructive lung disease

Written by Sukhanova G.I., Kinyaikin M.F., Rassokhina N.Yu., Kramar A.V.
13 April 2011

  UDK: 616.24‑007.271‑036.12:612.127.2:616.747‑009.1 | Pages: 90–92 | Read full textDownload PDF 

  UDK: 615.277.3.06:615.275.2:574.5 | Pages: 50–52 | Read full textDownload PDF 

  UDK: 616.831‑005.1‑073.756.8 | Pages: 104–107 | Read full textDownload PDF 

  UDK: [616.98:579.842.23‑06:616.94]‑085.324:563.96 | Pages: 53–56 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Optimising estimation of parameters describing functional activity of innate immune cells in case of inflammatory lung diseases

Written by Kondrashova N.M., Plekhova N.G., Somova L.M., Kostyushko A.V., Geltser B.I.
01 April 2011

  UDK: 616.24‑002‑078:612.017.11 | Pages: 83–86 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Screening for primary open-angle glaucoma

Written by Pestryakova Ya.F., Shabanov G.A., Melnikov V.Ya., Ryibchenko A.A.
30 March 2011

  UDK: 617.7‑007.681‑073.8/.97 | Pages: 80–83 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Verification and clinical immunological characteristics of peripheral nervous system lesions of Yersiniosis aetiology

Written by Vostrikova O.P., Novikova O.D., Gorbach T.A., Ryabova N.N., Portnyagina O.Yu., Khomenko V.A., Pavlova G.G.
28 March 2011

  UDK: 616.883‑06:[616.98:579.842.23]‑078 | Pages: 68–72 | Read full textDownload PDF 

  UDK: 577.112:612.017.1:577.114 | Pages: 35–37 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Antioxidant properties of Chinese giant salamander skin secretion glycopeptides

Written by Li W., Qu M., Tong Ch., Jin Q., Yu X., Wang W., Lukyanov P.A.
25 March 2011

  UDK: 615.324.014.425:597.94:577.112.6 | Pages: 57–59 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Antiviral effect of brown algae-derived sulphated polysaccharides in case of experimental tick-borne encephalitis: tying structure and function

Written by Makarenkova I.D., Leonova G.N., Maystrovskaya O.S., Zvyagintseva T.N., Imbs T.I., Ermakova S.P., Besednova N.N.
23 March 2011

  UDK: 616.831‑002‑085.281.8:577.144:582.272 | Pages: 44–46 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Comparable study of biological effects from Far-Eastern mussel Crenomytilus grayanus-derived bioglicanes

Written by Molchanova V.I., Chikalovets I.V., Chernikov O.V., Popov A.M., Krivoshapko O.N., Lukianov P.A.
18 March 2011

  UDK: 615.262.1:577.114:594.124 | Pages: 47–50 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Glycosylation in C-reactive protein in patients with ischemic heart disease

Written by Chikalovets I.V., Chernikov O.V., Molchanova V.I.
18 March 2011

  UDK: 616.12‑005.4‑072:577.112.4 | Pages: 87–90 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Antenatal aspects of foetal thymus formation in case of various gestation types

Written by Kolesnikova S.M., Levcova E.A., Grebenyak O.A.
26 January 2011

  UDK: 618733:612.438:618.29 | Pages: 66–68 | Read full textDownload PDF 

Omega-3 fatty acids: diagnostic value and role of individual features in patients’ organisms

Written by Vaskovsky V.E., Gorbach T.A., Esipov A.V., Svetashev V.I., Yatskova M.A.
12 January 2010

  UDK: 616‑074:577.115.3 | Pages: 23–25 | Read full textDownload PDF 


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