The effect of hydrobiont Halocynthia aurantium extract on hemopoiesis under conditions of cytostatic myelosupression

05 April 2011
Written by Ponomareva T.I., Dobryakov Yu.I., Dobryakov E.Yu.

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The effect of haurantinum (extract of marine hydrobiont Halocynthia aurantium) on hemopoietic processes under cyclophosphanum (250 mg/kg) induced bone marrow hypoplasia in CBA mice were investigated. There was shown, that hemopoiesis recovery activated by haurantinum is manifested by the granulocyte and eritrocyte lineage hyperplasia in bone marrow, rapid restoration of the polymorphonuclear leukocyte and monocyte count in the peripheral blood, and development of neutrophylosis and monocytosis. The effect of haurantinum on the bone marrow hemopoiesis is related to accelerate of proliferation and differentiation of the hemopoietic precursor cells.

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T.I. Ponomareva, Yu.I. Dobryakov
V.I. Il’ichev Oceanological Institute FEB RAS (43 Baltiyskaya St. Vladivostok 690021 Russian Federation)
E.Yu. Dobryakov
Hospital of FEB RAS (95 Kirov St. Vladivostok 690021 Russian Federation)

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