Screening for primary open-angle glaucoma

30 March 2011
Written by Pestryakova Ya.F., Shabanov G.A., Melnikov V.Ya., Ryibchenko A.A.

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The paper characterises regularities in changing total bioelectrical activity of brain in case of primary open‑angle glaucoma using magnetic encephalography. The authors have examined 30 patients with primary open‑angle glaucoma, 30 patients with ocular ischemic syndrome and 30 per‑sons with no eye diseases. The original diagnostic complex MEGI‑01 was used to register diffuse rhythmic activity of brain. It allowed detecting changes in the diffuse bioelectrical activity of brain being specific of primary open‑angle glaucoma. These were disorders
in the functioning of ocular adrenoreceptor structures, weakening of the parasympathetic effects on the neuroreceptor apparatus known for abundance and variability of receptor elements concentrated at the boundaries of the cili‑ary body and drainage zone of the eye. The findings will allow to create correcting matrix designed to normalise vegetative tonus of ocular structures at early stages of glaucoma.

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Y.F. Pestryakova, V.Ya. Melnikov
Medical Association of FEB RAS (95 Kirova St. Vladivostok 690022 Russian Federation)
G.A. Shabanov
Research Centre ‘Arctica’ FEB RAS (95 Kirova St. Vladivostok 690022 Russian Federation)
A.A. Ryibchenko
Vladivostok State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Av. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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