Progression of endothelial dysfunction during experimental hyperlipidemia

15 April 2011
Written by Turmova E.P., Lukyanov P.A., Grigoryuk A.A., Byihkov E.A., Tsyiulskiy A.V.

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The authors evaluated the content of some cytokines, NADPH‑diaphorase and the indices of oxidative and anti‑oxidative activity in walls of aorta and femoral arteries of wistar rats during ex‑perimental hyperlipidemia. The levels of NADPH‑diaphorase in endothelium decreased. Both during the experiment and intact control, the level of interleukin‑4 in aorta was significantly lower than that in femoral artery. With the hyperlipidemia in femoral arteries, the authors have registered a decrease of interleukin‑4, but an increase of interleukin‑4 and y‑interferon and decrease of oxidative and anti‑oxidative activity with low oxidative index in the aorta wall. The authors prove a stimulating effect of interleukin‑4 and inhibitory action of y‑interferon upon general oxidative and antioxidative activity in the wall of aorta.

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E.P. Turmova, A.A. Grigoryuk, E.A. Byihkov
Vladivostok State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Av. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)
P.A. Lukyanov
Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (159 100 Year Anni-versary of Vladivostok Av. Vladivostok 690022 Russian Federation)
A.V. Tsyiulskiy
Far Eastern Federal University (8 Suhanova St. Vladivostok 690091 Russian Federation)

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