Recovering trans-neuronal syncytial ties in nervous system

26 February 2011
Written by Sotnikov O.S., Frumkina L.E., Mayorov V.N., Paramonova N.M., Laktionova A.A., Bogolepov N.N.

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The discussions between neuronists and reticularists have been characterised by complete mutual flat rejection of the opposite theory. The neuron doctrine relies on the discovery of synapses via electronic microscope but this discovery in principle does not deny transneuronal syncytium. Today, there are factors that are inconsistent with the neuron doctrine. These are: presence of highly porous membrane contacts with intracellular pores, inconsistence with cell theory, etc. These data require the neuron doctrine to be supplemented and modernised. The key question, whether there are cytoplasmatic syncytial ties between neurons, remains unanswered. These ties between giant cells and fibres in molluscs, crustaceans, polychaetes, and other invertebrates have been proved a long time ago. The paper first summarises data about syncytial ties of vertebrates’ neurons in the cortex of cerebrum, hippocampus and autonomous nervous system of vertebrates. As reported, it results from the deficit in glial neuron cover, on gap or tight junctions. The authors describe syncytial pores and wide perforations of conjugated neuronal membranes and their fusion in rats’ embryos and indicate a method of targeted experimental fusion of neurons.

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O.S. Sotnikov, V.N. Mayorov, N.M. Paramonova, A.A. Laktionova, N.N. Bogolepov
I.P. Pavlov Institute of Physiology, RAS (6 Makarova Nab. SaintPetersburg 199034 Russian Federation),
L.E. Frumkina
Research Centre of Neurology, RAMS (80 Volokolamskoye Sh. Moscow 125367 Russian Federation)

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