Age-related changes of nervous apparatus of heart and its nitric oxide content in health and disease

15 May 2011
Written by Shvalev V.N.

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The paper considers issues of pre‑ and post‑natal ontogenesis of cardiovascular system innervation and nitroxidesynthase contents in heart ganglions in health and disease. The paper bases upon analysis of 12 series of human embryos, study of cardiovascular system in 23 foetuses and materials of 124 early autopsies of people of various age in health, in case of sudden cardiac death and a number of cardiological diseases studied with neurohistological, histochemical and ultrastructural methods, and immuno‑histochemical methods for the nitric oxide synthase contents. The author presents results of parallel time‑frequency spectral analysis of heart rhythm variability in health and ischemic disease in 43 patients of various ages.

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V.N. Shvalev
A.L. Myasnikov Institute of Clinical Cardiology (15a 3rd Cherepkovskaya St. Moscow 121552 Russia)

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