Reproductive biology of sea urchins Strongylocentrotus intermedius and Strongylocentrotus nudus

12 March 2011
Written by Evdokimov V.V., Matrosova I.A.

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The data about histological organization and gonads cell composition of hydrobionts were receive, which complete information about their reproductive biology and allow give concrete expression to spawning period. Influence of some important ecological factors on the reproduction of these hydrobionts was analyses. They may be use for cognition peculiarities biology of reproduction present invertebrates and for development of coastal fishery in connection of rational fishery these organisms and their reproduction.

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V.V. Evdokimov, I.V. Matrosova
Pacific Scientific Research Fisheries Center (4, Shevchenko Al. Vladivostok 6900950 Russian Federation)

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