Contemporary treatment planning of patients with third class of malocclusion

Written by Kozlova A.V., Drobyshev A.Yu., Drobysheva N.S., KurakinK.A.,Vodahova A.A., Klipa I.A

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The article is devoted to surgical treatment of patients with third class of malocclusion. The review of literature covers its classification, historical aspects of surgical treatment, limits of orthodontic treatment, diagnostics and surgical treatment planning.The article contains results achieved by authors and the review of clinical cases.

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A.V. Kozlova, A.Yu. Drobyshev, N.S. Drobysheva, K.A. Kurakin, A.A.Vodahova, I.A. Klipa
Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named afterA.I. Evdokimov (20/1 Delegatskaya St. Moscow 127473 Russian Federation)

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