Structure and surgical treatment of cranio‑facial injury in Vladivostok Clinical Hospital No. 2

Written by Okonskaya Yu.I., Totorkulov R.I., Pavlov V.A., Emelyanov D.I.

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The paper analyses examination and follow‑up cases
of 435 patients with cranio‑facial injury in Vladivostok Clinical
Hospital No.2 in 2009‑2011. Most patients were young men of ac‑
tive working age. The fractures of the upper facial and midfacial
areas prevailed and were caused by road accidents. The home and
road accidents mostly resulted from alcohol and drug intoxica‑
tion. The early surgical repair allowed achieving maximum func‑
tional and aesthetic results, avoiding or minimising possibility of
post‑injury deformations and speeding up regress of neurological

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Yu.I. Okonskaya, R.I. Totorkulov, V.A. Pavlov, D.I. Emelyanov
Vladivostok Clinical Hospital No.2 (57 Russkaya St. Vladivostok 690105 Russian Federation)

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