Orthopedic treatment of patients with few teeth in case of lower face height loss

Written by Sadyikov M.I., Nesterov A.M

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The paper describes issues of orthopedic treatment of
patients with few teeth in case there is a need to lower the lower
face area. The authors have made prosthetic appliances for 32 pa‑
tients and determined the height of lower face area in 16 of them
using traditional anatomical physiological methods. The other pa‑
tients were diagnosed via electromyography of mastication muscles.
The findings show that an adequate choice of optimum position of
the lower jaw bone relative to the upper one accelerates recovery
of well‑balanced operation of maxillofacilal muscular system and
reduces the adaptation period.

Links to authors:

M.I. Sadyikov, A.M. Nesterov
Samara State Medical University (89 Chapaevskaya St. Samara 443099 Russian Federation)

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