Surgical tactics for traumatic injury of midface on the basis ofreticular titanium nickelide implants

Written by Medvedev Yu.A., Shamanaev S.V., Shavanaeva L.S., SolovyovaA.A., Yan Sin, Petruk P.S.

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The paper describes experience of 48 surgical proce‑
dures for midface injuries with orbital floor fractures. The reticu‑
lar titanium nickelide‑based alloy made in Tomsk University has
been used to replace this defect and restore the eye‑pit. There were
no post‑operative complications caused by suppuration or implant
shift. As reported, the reticular titanium nickelide allows to raise
the efficiency of surgical procedures on patients with traumatic
fractures of midface due to material properties, for example, bio‑
inertia, superelasticity and reticular structure, ensures ‘tissue in‑
growth’ and, therefore, prevents any shifts of implant without ad‑
ditional fixation.

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Yu.A. Medvedev, S.V. Shamanaev, L.S. Shavanaeva, A.A. Solovyova, Yan Sin, P.S. Petruk
First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov (8/2 Trubetskaya St. Moscow 119991 Russian Federation)Summary – The paper describes experience of 48 surgi

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