3D alveolar ridge augmentation procedure using ring‑shaped transplant: donor areas and indications

Written by Yüksel O., Giesenhagen B.

  UDK: 617.528‑089.819.843 | Pages: 80-82 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 


The paper provides methods of alveolar ridge augmentation using ring‑shaped transplant in combination with Ankylos implants considered to be an alternative of classic two‑stage augmentation. Describing advantages and disadvantages of various donor areas (chin, roof of mouth, retromolar lower jaw bone), the authors present sinus‑lift procedure and surgical techniques for marked lower jawbone atrophy, retention, and canine tooth dystopy.

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Orcan Yüksel, Bernhard Giesenhagen
Orcan Yükse
Zahnarzt, Beispiele aus dem Praxisalltag von Dr. Orcan Yüksel & Kollegen mit Vorher und Nachher Bildern (Bockenheimer Landstr. 92, 60323 Frankfurt Germany)
Bernhard Giesenhagen
Pro-Implant Institute Institute for Dental Implantology and Aesthetic and International Training Centre (Obere Mauergasse 2 / Am Bitzen 6 34212 Melsungen Germany)


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