Role of computer‑based tomography in estimating penetration of juvenile nasopharynx angiofibroma in paranasopharyngeal spaces and formulating optimal method of removal

Written by Minenkov G.O., Shalabaev B.D.

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The paper describes 41 examinations of juvenile nasopharynx angiofibroma and presents capabilities of computer‑based tomography to estimate extent of paranasopharyngeal invasion of the neoplasm and choosing adequate surgical approach to ensure its removal. The authors discuss advantages and disadvantages of lateral rhinotomy, Lauers Bolon method and indications
for combined approach

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G.O. Minenkov
Medipol Centre (37 Abay St. Bishkek 720001Kyrgyz Republic)
B.D. Shalabaev
National Hospital (1 Togolok-Moldo St. Bishkek 720000 Kyrgyz Republic)

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