Health status of young males aged 15 to 17: reality and future

Written by Tatanova D.V., Rzyankina M.F

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The authors have carefully studied the health status of young males aged fifteen to seventeen who are living in Khabarovsk and found the decrease in number and the rate of sick and primary incidence for that group of patients. One young male in three was registered as dispensary case as to chronic illness and required preventive and curative interventions. In the structure of chronic pathology, diseases of the digestive system and musculoskeletal system were prevailing. One young male in three had deferment on medical grounds during initial draft registering.

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D.V. Tatanova, M.F. Rzyankina
Far Eastern State Medical University (35 Muravyeva-Amurskogo St. Khabarovsk 68000 Russian Federation)

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