Principles of maxilla osteonecrosis in patients with drug abuse

Written by E.M. Basin, Yu.A. Medvedev

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The authors have described the case of maxilla atypical right‑sided odontogenic osteomyelitis in patient aged twenty‑eight who took Desomorphine. Within two years he underwent several operative treatments such as maxillectomy and resection of facial bone, exploration of pathologic area and repair of oroantral anastomosis, lancing of abscess, necrotomy and dermato‑fascial plastic reconstruction with application of collagen‑based materials. In such clinical cases, when sanation by mouth is unavailable or there is a recurrent disease as well as fistulous tracts in the midface, it is required to lay emphasis on the necessity to use open accesses to maxilla and combine elements of primary reconstruction with formation of local vascularized flaps.

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E.M. Basin, Yu.A. Medvedev
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (8/2 Trubetskaya St. Moscow 119991 Russian Federation)

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