Functionally‑oriented prosthesis in case of total secondary toothlessness

Written by Markov A.A., Mukhlaev S.Yu.

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The authors have made full removable dentures for 60
patients with total secondary toothlessness and various types of
ringe bone atrophy of both jaws: in 30 cases – using face bows and
articulators and in 30 cases – in accordance with standard practice
using occludators. Three months later, they run a masticatory test
by I.S. Rubinov. In the first group, with adaptation to removable
dentures for 2 weeks, the chewing efficiency was 85% and the chew‑
ing time increased by 4 sec. In the second group the figures were
78% and 8 sec., respectively, but the adaptation to dentures lasted
for 4 weeks.

Links to authors:

A.A. Markov, S.Yu. Mukhlaev
Vladivostok State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Av. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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