Incidence of tooth decay and its complications in patients of drafting age in the Kabardino‑Balkarian Republic

Written by Tkhazaplizheva M.T., Kardanetz L.Yu., Balkarov A.O., Makitova L.T

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The authors have carried out dental examination of 758
young males aged eighteen subject to the army draft. The perma‑
nent tooth decay rate was 3.62. There was a high incidence of tooth
decay (83.6%) and its complications (37.6%).

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M.T. Tkhazaplizheva, L.Yu. Kardanetz, A.O. Balkarov, L.T. Makitova
Kavardino-Balkarian State University (173 Chernyshevskogo St. Nalchik 360004 Russian Federation)

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