Resonance frequency assessment of implant placement with porous titanium granules used in single stage sine‑lift procedure

Written by Firas K.

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Titanium granules have been used within the field of ortho‑
pedic surgery for 20 or so years [1]. Recently, titanium gran‑
ules, were introduced on the market as a non‑resorbable
grafting material for bone repair within the field of oral
and maxillofacial surgery [2]. So far many research data
have been published on the clinical outcome from proce‑
dures such as ridge‑augmentation surgery, osseous defect,
reconstructions after extensive cystectomies and in direct
sinus‑lift procedures. The main objective of this clinical
study was to evaluate if this titanium granules is suitable
for use as graft material first, and second to evaluate the
resonance frequency assessment (RFA) of implant place‑
ment with the single stage sinus lifting procedure.

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Kiki Firas
EstetDent Clinic & FiraDent Education Center (35 Talalihina St. Moscow 109316 Russian Federation)

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