About cardiology school of D.D. Pletnev: professor A.Z. Chernov

Written by Borodulin V.I., Gerchikova T.N., Topolianskiy A.V., Pashkov K.A.

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Article is a scientific biography of D.D. Pletnev’s pupil,
professor A.Z. Chernov, his contribution to the development of do‑
mestic cardiology is represented.

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V.I. Borodulin, T.N. Gerchikova, A.V. Topolianskiy, K.A. Pashkov
V.I. Borodulin
Research Institute of the History of Medicine, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (7/15 Bolshoy Nikolovorobinsky L. Moscow 109028 Russian Federation)
T.N. Gerchikova
Russian Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education (2/1 Barrikadnaya St. Moscow 123995 Russian Federation)
A.V. Topolianskiy, K.A. Pashkov
Moscow State University of Medicine and Denristry (4/7 Dolgorukovskaya St. Moscow 127473 Russian Federation)

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