Hypoxia‑induced 15‑HETE enhances the constriction of internal carotid arteries by down‑regulating potassium channels

Written by Yanmei Zhu, Li Chen, Wenjuan Liu, Weizhi Wang, Daling Zhu, Yulan Zhu

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Severe hypoxia induces the constriction of internal carotid arteries (ICA), which worsens ischemic stroke in the brain. A few metabolites are presumably involved in hypoxic vasoconstriction, however, less is known about how such molecules provoke this vasoconstriction. We have investigated the influence of 15‑hydroxyeicosatetrienoic acid (15‑HETE) produced by 15‑lipoxygenase (15‑LOX) on vasoconstriction during hypoxia. As showed in our results, 15‑LOX level increases in ICA endothelia and smooth muscles. 15‑HETE enhances the tension of ICA ring in a dose‑dependent manner, as well as attenuates the activity and expression of voltage‑gated potassium (Kv) channels. Therefore, the down‑regulation of Kv channels by 15‑HETE during hypoxia weakens the repolarization of action potentials and causes a dominant influx of calcium to enhance smooth muscle tension and ICA constriction.

Ссылки на авторов:

Yanmei Zhu, Li Chen, Wenjuan Liu, Weizhi Wang, Yulan Zhu
Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University
Daling Zhu
College of Pharmacy of Harbin Medical University (157 Baojian Road, Nangang District, Harbin 150081 P.R. China)

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