The surgical prevention of acute disturbance of brain circulation at patients with a stenosis of an internal carotid

Written by Bekbosynov A.Zh.

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Results of surgical treatment (eversion and open endarterectomia) of 28 patients with a hemodynamical significant stenosis of an internal carotid (60–90 %) are presented. The received results were compared with results of conservative treatment at 28 other patients with similar stenoses. Substantial and long increase of an intracerebral blood flow is provided when carrying out surgical treatment. In 6 months decrease in speed of a blood flow in carotid and increase – in intracranial arteries concerning group of comparison is defined. The significant increase of a brain blood‑flow reached as a result of surgery, corresponded to adequate decrease in cerebrovascular risk.

Ссылки на авторов:

A.Zh. Bekbosynov
City Hospital No. 1 (49 Lomova St. Pavlodar 140013 Republic of Kazakhstan)

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