Optical absorption spectrophotometry in pharmacy

Written by Koldaev V.M

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Analysis of Russia`s publications for the last ten years dedicated to application of the optical absorption spectrophotometry (OAS) in pharmacy. Methods of the OAS used in pharmacy can be for convenience divided into three main application areas, 1) quantitative determination and identification of medicinal preparations (drugs), 2) standardization and quality assessment of crude drug (medicative herbs), 3) improvement of methods of processing and presentation of the spectrophotometric data for purposes of increasing their information value. Promising application of derivative spectrophotometry in pharmacy for the improvement of spectral resolution presumably in accordance with the further developments.

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V.M. Koldaev
The V.L. Komarov Gornotayezhnaya station of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (26, Solnechnaya Str. Gornotayezhnaya village, Primorsky Krai 92533 Russian Federation)


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