Morpho‑functional assessment of the gastric mucosa in children with food intolerances

Written by Shumatova T.A., Prikhodchenko N.G., Grigoryan L.A

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background. The early digestive diseases diagnosis in children in our time may determine the health level of the adult population. 
Methods. The study included 36 children aged 1.5 to 12 months  with symptoms of allergic enteropathy caused by cow’s milk proteins intolerance. It was conducted comprehensive study involving fibrogastroduodenoscopy and phase contrast microscopy of parietal gastric mucus and gastric biopsy. 
Results. It was revealed inflammatory mucosal changes (biopsy) in 15 cases, and 21 patients at the time of its state inspection conform to the standards. When the biopsy study in 5 cases diagnosed atrophic gastritis (including 2 patients – with intestinal metaplasia ) in 6 cases – lymphocytic gastritis, in 4 cases – eosinophilic gastritis. It was found cocci, epithelium, neutrophils, lymphocytes in parietal mucus due to phase contrast microscopy. In 11 cases
cytogram was characterized by normal cellular composition, in 25 cases it was registered the mild (12 cases) and moderate (13 observations) destructive changes in the cells. Moderate degree of degradation in 4 children was accompanied with phenomena metaplasia.
Conclusions. Cytological morpho‑functional assessment of the gastric mucosa state due to phase contrast microscopy was technically simple, able to reduce the invasiveness survey, informative, allowing you to quickly obtain reliable diagnostic information and to improve the quality of disease treatment and prognosis and may also be recommended to monitor the treatment effectiveness of gastrointestinal food hypersensitivity in children.

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T.A. Shumatova, N.G. Prikhodchenko, L.A. Grigoryan 
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Av. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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