Morphological and functional features of the olfactory glands of marine fish as an example of convergent tissue evolution

Written by Doroshenko M.A.

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Background. Object – a histophysiologic description of the multicellular olfactory glands of the olfactory organs of marine fish subject to the different ecology.
Methods. Studies of the olfactory organs of marine fish, representatives of group of the ray-finned fish (Scorpaeniformes) by the histological, histochemical and electron microscopical
Results. Discovery of the olfactory glands in fishes of Pleurogrammus azonus, Myoxocephalus yaok, Enophrys diceraus, Hemilepidotus gilberti, Hemitripterus villosus, Podothecus veternus and Liparis dubius. Olfactory glands are also highlighted in the olfactory organs of fish of the herring family (Clupeiformes) Salmonids (Salmoniformes) and Tetraodontiformes.
Conclusions. Morphology, localization and density of glands in the olfactory organs of fish associated with the characteristics of their environment. Morphofunctional organization of these glands is similar to that of the Bowman›s glands of amphibians (Amphibia) and can be regarded as an example of convergent tissue evolution.

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M.A. Doroshenko
Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University (52b Lugovaya St. Vladivostok 690087 Russian Federation)

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