The stomatologic status of children-invalids with various degree of the mental retardation living in Russia

Written by Tarasova N.V., Alyamovsky V.V., Galonsky V.G.

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The review of the literature devoted to a problem of stomatologic disease of children with different level of mental retardation, living in the territory of the Russian Federation. Authors conclude about the presence of some features of prevalence and intensity of pathology of teeth solid tissue and parodontal diseases, and also a hygienic state of the oral cavity at whole in this category of patients. At children-invalids with mental retardation the combination of several kinds of a stomatologic pathology (carious teeth, parodontitis, maxillofacial and dental anomalies and deformations) was observed at high prevalence of maxillofacial and dental diseases which mutually aggravate the clinical course and complete the unsatisfactory hygiene of an oral cavity.

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N.V. Tarasova1, V.V. Alyamovsky1, V.G. Galonsky1,2
1 Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named by prof. V. F. Voyno-Yasenetskiy (1 Partisan Zheleznyak St. Krasnoyarsk 660022 Russian Federation),
2 Scientific Research Institute of Medical Problems of the North of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (3g Partisan Zheleznyak St. Krasnoyarsk 660022 Russian Federation)

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