Mineral spectrum of the bone tissue of the centers of odontogenous infections at mentally sick patients treated by dimephosphon

Written by Ilyina R.Yu., Ziganshina L.E.

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Background. Psychotropic preparations cause osteopenia and osteoporosis in mentally sick patients. Regional osteoporosis, absence of the regular oral cavity care – all these factors adversely affect parodont, considerably increase the risk of activisation of the infection. Dimephosphon is widely used in psychiatric practice as neurotropic vasoactivity medication having antihypoxic properties as a result of the improvement of the endocellular energy metabolism. Antirachitic action of this medication is described. Dimephosphan rises the calcitonin level as well as endogenic cortisol, stimulates regeneration processes, has anti-inflammatory and immune modulating activity.
Methods. 64 patients of a psychiatric hospital taking neuroleptics and antidepressive agents for more than 3 years were examined. All patients have been divided on two groups – accepting dimephosphon as a part of pharmacotherapy for more than 6 months and second – never receiving this medication. The control group – mentally healthy people with parodont diseases. The analysis of the microelement status of a bone tissue of an alveolar processus and teeth by the method of atom-absorption spectrophotometry was done.
Results. Mentally sick patients have high prevalence of chronic generalized parodontitis of moderate and severe degree. The low concentrations of calcium, copper, zinc in the teeth and bone tissue and increase of the strontium level is revealed. Strong correlation between the zinc level in a bone tissue and long (more than 10 years) chronic generalized parodontitis is found. At the patients taking dimephosphon, the level of calcium and copper in a bone tissue was higher and the gums bleeding index was lower than in the patients group not taking dimephosphon.
Conclusions. The positive influence of dimephosphon intake on the state of parodont tissues and microelement structure of a bone tissue allow recommending this medication in the treatment complex not only for the mentally sick patients, but also for the other patients with chronic generalized parodontitis.

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R.Yu. Ilyina1, L.E. Ziganshina2
1 Kazan State Medical Academy (11 Mushtari S. Kazan 420012 Russian Federation),
2 Privolzhsky (Kazansky) Federal University (18 Kremlevskaya St. Kazan 420008 Russian Federation)

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