Increase of efficiency of surgical and chemotherapeutic methods of treatment of intertwined tumors by the extract of a Dandelion Medicinal

Written by Amosova E.N., Zueva E.P., Razina T.G., Krylova S.G., Lopatina K.A., Gur’ev A.M., Kirsanova N.V.

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Background. There are experimental data about the possibility of use the herb extracts in the therapy of tumors.
Methods. In experiment on mice analyzed influence of the extract of the Dandelion medicinal on metastasing of the intertwined tumors at removal of primary tumor and chemotherapeutic treatment.
Results. The dandelion extract inhibited the metastasing after the removal of the tumor and also reduced the quantity of postoperative relapses. Increase of the antiblastomic activity of cyclophosphane at animals with intertwined Ehrlich adenocarcinoma, Lewis pulmonary carcinoma, В-16 melanoma and lung cancer-67 under the influence of a dandelion extract is revealed. Allocated from this plant water-soluble polysaccharides at adding in the chemotherapy scheme also increased the efficiency of cyclophosphane at mice with Lewis pulmonary carcinoma.
Conclusions. Experimental data testify to perspective of the further study of the extract of dandelion medicinal as the substance of additional therapy of the malignant tumors.

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E.N. Amosova1, E.P. Zueva1, T.G. Razina1, S.G. Krylova1, K.A. Lopatina1, A.M. Gur’ev2, N.V. Kirsanova3
1 Scientific research institute of pharmacology named by E.D. Goldberg of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (3 Lenin Ave. Tomsk 634028 Russian Federation),
2 Siberian State Medical University (2 Moscow HWY Tomsk 634050 Russian Federation),
3 National Research Tomsk State University (36 Lenin Ave. Tomsk 634050 Russian Federation),

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