The analysis of indicators of matrix metal proteinases and their inhibitors before and after the dental implantation

Written by Yugai Yu.V., Golitsyna A.A., Tolmachyov V.E., Markelova E.V.

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Background. An important aspect of occurrence of early complications of dental implantation and inflammation in the implantation area is integrity of a connecting tissue surrounding it while its injury influences the balance of the tissue metalloproteinase-1 inhibitor (TIMP1) and matrix metalloproteinase (MMPs) 8 and 9.
Methods. 80 patients at the age of 30–60 years old who underwent dental implantation were examined. In 70 cases the postoperative period had no complications (1st group); at 10 cases there were early complications – an edema and hyperemia of the soft tissues (2nd group). In blood and the mixed oral liquid the levels of MMP‑8, MMP-9 and TIMP1 were determined. For the control authors investigated the blood and the oral liquid of 20 practically healthy people.
Results. Statistically significant increase of the systemic level of ММР-8 is revealed, MMP-9 and TIMP1 has been considerably raised at patients of 2nd group. At patients with not complicated postoperative period local and systemic increase of concentration of MMP-9 and local increase of concentration of TIMP1 is found.
Conclusions. Studying of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of ММРs and their inhibitors is a perspective direction of basic researches which will allow developing the new approaches to diagnostics and treatment of complications at dental implantation.

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Yu.V. Yugai, A.A. Golitsyna, V.E. Tolmachyov, E.V. Markelova
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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