Estimation of the hermitic ability of the modern sealers

Written by Firsova I.V., Poroysky S.V., Makedonova Yu.A.

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Background. Simple, reliable and predicted obturation of the tooth root channels is the important component of the endodontic treatments.
Methods. The frequency of microleaking and average depth of penetration of dye after the channels sealing by the method of lateral condensation by the obturation system RealSeal–Resilon and by gutta-percha and AH-Plus sealer on the removed teeth are studied. The acoustic and optical microscopy and also radiological research of samples are done.
Results. The frequency of microleaking of the root seals at system RealSeal–Resilon use was 10.2 %, the depth of penetration of dye – 1.9±0.2 micron (for AH-Plus – 23 % and 2.8±0.5 micron respectively). On radiological data small defects of contact at use of a new material were found in 12.5% of cases and after use of polymeric pitch AH-Plus – in 46.9 % of cases.
Conclusions. Better obturation of the root channels was reached at system RealSeal–Resilon use in a combination with the composite hermetic of double hardness and resilon shtifts due to the high density of the material and its closer integration with dentin.

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I.V. Firsova, S.V. Poroysky, Yu.A. Makedonova
Volgograd State Medical University (1 Pavshih Bortsov square Volgograd 400131 Russian Federation)

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