The results of use of the criteria of the efficiency estimation of the inflammatory parodont diseases treatment in stomatologic clinics

Written by Tarasova Yu.G., Kuznetsova V.Yu.

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Background. One of the important problems in stomatology is introduction in practice of the objective criteria of the estimation of the treatment quality developed on the basis of the systematization of the modern tactics approaches to the treatment and unification of the optimum modes of the treatment-and-prophylactic care.
Methods. In the Udmurt Republic algorithms of diagnostics and treatment of inflammatory parodont diseases are developed and introduced in practice. The dynamics of clinical indicators by the results of the analysis of 370 medical cards (the form № 043/u) of the patients who underwent the treatment for chronic generalized parodontitis in municipal stomatologic clinics of different level was estimated. The dynamic evaluation of quality of life was done by the questionnaire OHIP-14-RU “Profile of influence of stomatologic health”.
Results. The use of the algorithms at parodontitis treatment has allowed improving the index of oral cavity hygiene on the average on 57.2 %, the papillary-marginal-alveolar index – on 85.9 %, the bleeding index – on 95.5 %. The most expressed clinical effect was reached at providing the specialized stomatologic care. In the clinics of the qualified stomatologic care the use of algorithms has allowed to improve the results of treatment of all parodontitis forms whereas in the specialized clinics the introduction of algorithms has allowed to improve clinical indicators only at moderate and severe parodontitis. In high-specialized medical institutions the introduction of algorithms has more essentially affected the results of treatment of the severe parodontitis.
Conclusions. The introduction in municipal clinics of the Udmurt Republic of algorithms of diagnostics and treatment, techniques and criteria of the estimation of efficiency of treatment at patients with parodont inflammatory diseases has allowed to systematize the volume of diagnostic and medical manipulations, to find the objective indicators of the parodontal care, to improve the quality of treatment of chronic generalized parodontitis and to raise the quality of life of patients.

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Yu.G. Tarasova, V.Yu. Kuznetsova
Izhevsk State Medical Academy (281 Kommunarov St. Izhevsk 426034 Russian Federation)

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