Angular implantation, preorthopedic regenerative surgery, regenerative technologies in maxillofacial area

Written by Put’ V.A., Solodky V.G., Kumachkov D.A., Kalashnikova O.Yu., Seliverstov S.S.

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The techniques of rehabilitation of patients with severe atrophy of alveolar recessus are described as well as the facial polytrauma, and also at jaw resections due to tumors. Experience on introduction of methods of preorthopedic regenerative surgery in stomatology is generalized. In a number of clinics of Russia and the near abroad in 2006–2012 3000 patients underwent more than 3500 implantations, more than 560 bone blocks transplantations and 940 sinus-lifting surgeries. Combined implantation and sinuslifting are done in 623 cases. Since September, 2012 more than 100 angular implants Co-Axis and 9 implants Zygomatic 55° in the combination with platform-implants 12° and 24° were put. 60 % of patients on the top jaw and 80 % – on bottom underwent the immediate fixation of the provisory orthopedic constructions with implants support. The requirements to the experts’ team who are engaged in preorthopedic regenerative surgery and multiple stage stomatologic rehabilitation are discussed.

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V.A. Put’1, V.G. Solodky2, D.A. Kumachkov3, O.Yu. Kalashnikova4, S.S. Seliverstov5
1 Kazan State Medical Academy (16 Butlerova St. Kazan 420012 Russian Federation),
2 Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy (1 Alekseevskaya St. Nizhniy Novgorod 603005 Russian Federation),
3 Sakhalin Regional Hospital (430 Mira Ave. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 693004 Russian Federation),
4 Scientific Center “InVosStom” (of. 144 47 Leningradsky Ave. Moscow 125167 Russian Federation),
5 City Polyclinic № 71 (4 Chapaevsky per. Moscow 125057 Russian Federation)

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