Mutagenic characteristics research of α(1,2)-l-ramno-α(1,4)- d‑galactopiranoziluronan Acorus calamus L.

Written by Neupokoeva О.V., Lopatina K.А., Voronova О.L., Safonova Е.А., Zueva Е.P., Churin А.А.

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Background. Toxic testing of new pharmacological substances is an obligatory part of preclinical drug development. Nowadays RIPRM named E.D. Goldberg study a medicine based α(1,2)-L-рамно- α(1,4)-D-галактопиранозилуронана from rhizomes Acorus calamus L. Methods. Somatic mosaicism were tested in Drosophila melanogaster. Mutant bristles of heterozygous female of first generation phenotype singed were counted as well spots and bristles on the bodies of phenotype yellow after breeding them in the environment with adding of the studied medicine, concentration 4 and 6.25 %. Results. Authentic differences were not detected in experimental groups in females compared with control groups. Conclusions. A(1,2)-L-ramno-α(1,4)-D-galactopiranoziluronan Acorus calamus L. does not display mutagenic characteristics.

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О.V. Neupokoeva1, K.А. Lopatina1, 2, О.L. Voronova1, Е.А. Safonova1, Е.P. Zueva1, А.А. Churin1
1 Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine named E.D. Goldberg (3 Lenina Ave. Tomsk 634028 Russian Federation),
2 National Research Tomsk State University (36 Lenina Ave. Tomsk 634050 Russian Federation)

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