Mesostructure of photosynthetic mechanism of firs in the context of stressful growth

Written by Vernigora Е.G., Burundukova О.L.

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Background. The study results of the effect of stress factors - soil drought and shading - on the structural and functional characteristics of Ajan spruce and fir Korean were brought. Methods. Structure adaptation of photosynthetic mechanism of Ajan spruce and fir Korean was studied in shady location and soil drought in vegetative experience condition. Methods of macerated tissues were used. Results. The character of structural and functional changes and the level of response to the drought in Ajan spruce and fir Korean differs. Low values of the index of cell membranes, the index of chloroplast membranes and cell volume of the chloroplast in dry conditions showed the approach to “the stress range” of vegetation and rehabilitation of weak capacity Ajan spruce. Shady location rendered a milder effect. Conclusions. In the process of adaptive mutations in conditions of drought Ayan spruce forms the photosynthetic mechanism of xeromorphic type with low assimilation capacity. Fir Korean adapts mesostructure to reduce the negative impact of environmental factors on photosynthesis and is characterized as a kind of labile under conditions of southern Primorye.

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Е.G. Vernigora1, О.L. Burundukova2
1 Mountain taiga station named V.L. Komarov of Far Eastern Department RAS (26 Solnechnaya Str., Gornotayozhnoe, Ussuriskdistrict, Primorsky territory 692533 Russian Federation),
2 Biological Soil Institute FEB RAS (159 100 years Vladivostok Ave., Vladivostok 690022 Russian Federation)

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