The spectrophotometric values of extracts from rhubarb

Written by Koldaev V.М.

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Background. Tangut rhubarb (Rheum palmatum L., buckwheat family – Polygonaceae) cause increased or slowing intestinal motility, which depends on the content of anthracene and tanidnyh glycosides, which can vary and requires testing of raw materials. Methods. Absorption spectra of aqueous and alcoholic extracts from roots, leaves, flowers and seeds of Tangut rhubarb were recorded with spectrophotometer UV-2501PC (Shimadzu, Japan). Results. Absorption spectra of the extracts from the roots of rhubarb include two peaks in the wavelength range of absorption of anthrotanoglicosides. Although the content of tanoglicosides in rhubarb roots is almost two times higher than that of antroglicosides but corresponding maxima differ little that is apparently more pronounced due to absorption properties of antraglicosides chromophores. It is also shown that specific absorption of extracts of rhubarb roots increases with the concentration of ethanol in the extragent. Conclusion. The ratio of specific absorption of alcohol and water extracts may serve as a characteristic ratio of anthro- tanoglicosides in the roots of rhubarb as an evaluation factor, which take values from 1.7 to 2.3. Exceeding the upper limit of the interval ratio indicate increased content in the feed of tanoglicosides, and decrease below the lower limit – antraglicosides. Absorption spectra of the extracts from the leaves and flowers are typical for rhubarb and flavanones; and extracts from the seeds are typical for the purine alkaloids. The data obtained can be used in the development of normative documents for manufacturing of herbal remedies of rhubarb.

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V.М. Koldaev
Mountain taiga station named V.L. Komarov of Far Eastern Department of Russian Academy of Sciences (26 Solnechnaya Str. Gornotayozhnoe, Ussurisk district, Primorsky territory 692533 Russian Federation)

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