Hepatoprotective effect of the composition of natural antioxidant and enterosorbent

Written by Plaksen N.V., Ustinova L.V., Stepanov S.V., Trofimova А.А., Gorovaya N.Y.

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Background. To reduce the endogenous intoxication syndrome at toxic liver disease in medical practice chelators, including enterosjell, are used. To enhance the effect of enterosjell it is possible to use natural antioxidants. Mehtods. In the experiment on mongrel male rats toxic hepatitis was simulated. The biochemical parameters of blood plasma and liver were studied in the background enteral injection of enterosjell, of syrup from the juice of Kamchatka bilberry and their composition: enterosjell and syrup from the juice of Kamchatka bilberry. Results. The experimental results show a decrease in the intensity of free radical oxidation and biochemical indices normalization when intake of the antioxidant composition of enterosorbent operating more efficiently than its components separately. Conclusions. The syrup from the juice of Kamchatka bilberry has such an effect due to the presence of the biologically active substances in the Vaccinium praestans. The results are an experimental justification of the use of enterosorbent with biologically active food supplements as a preventive or therapeutic agent for a subsidiary toxic hepatitis.

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N.V. Plaksen, L.V. Ustinova, S.V. Stepanov, А.А. Trofimova, N.Y. Gorovaya
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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