Influence of Panax Ginseng on gamma‑interferonogenesis and functional activity of peritoneal macrophages in mice in conditions of experimental immunosuppression

Written by Kropotov A.V., Stepanenko N.V., Goncharova R.K., Korshunova O.V., Maneeva E.S., Eremeeva V.A.

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Background. Panax ginseng is a Far Eastern medicinal herb that contains substances with biological activity and improves adaptation to different infavourable conditions. It has been determined that Panax ginseng extract stimulates γ-interferonogenesis in normal conditions and in conditions of its suppression by medicines and chemical agents. Methods. Г-interferonogenesis was tested on a model immunosuppression in mice in normal conditions and in conditions of its suppression by Methotrexate (for intraperitoneal use 0,1 ml/kg a day) or Cadmium chloride (for internal use 3 ml/kg in a day). The dosage of Panax ginseng extract C.A. Mey was 0,1 ml/kg a day for internal use). These substances has been used during 14 days. Results. Xenobiotics trustworthy supprested the macrophagal functional activity that manifested of depression of oxygen-depended metabolism and macrophagal ability to produce the nitrogen oxide metabolites. The prolonged prophylactic application of Panax ginseng extract removed the Methotrexate-induced and the Cadmium chloride-induced functional defect of macrophages. Panax ginseng extract protects immune cells and stimulates γ-interferonogenesis in mice in normal conditions and in conditions of immunosuppression by xenobiotics. Conclusions. Panax ginseng extract contains a lot of substances with specific pharmacological activity. This plant with properties of adaptogen has large perspective for further study and practical application in different branches of medicine.

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A.V. Kropotov, N.V. Stepanenko, R.K. Goncharova, O.V. Korshunova, E.S. Maneeva, V.A. Eremeeva
Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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