Formation features and surgical prevention for pathologic fractures of the proximal femur

Written by Matveev А.L., Dubrov V.E., Minasov B.S., Minasov Т.B., Nehozhin А.V., Kostiv Е.P.

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The study is devoted to an experimental research of preventive armouring of proximal femur in patients suffering from different diseases causing degenerative-dystrophic changes in bone tissue (oncology, osteoporosis, fibrous and chondral dysplasia, etc.) and pathologic fractures. Medimatics and bench tests of proximal femur durability armoured by implants of the original constructions showed that metal-armouring can raise the durability of the system “bone-implant” to 23–93 % and prevent frac-tures in lowenergy traumas.

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А.L. Matveev1, V.E. Dubrov2, B.S. Minasov3, Т.B. Minasov3, А.V. Nehozhin4, Е.P. Kostiv5
1 Novokuibyshev central municipal hospital (1 Pirogova Str. Novokuibyshev 446200 Russian Federation),
2 General medicine school, Lomonosov Moscow State University (bld. 5, 31 Lomonosovsky Ave. Moscow 119192 Russian Federation),
3 Bashkir State Medical University (3 Lenina Str. Upha 450000 Russian Federation),
4 Samara State Technical University (244 Molodogvardeiskaya Str. 443100 Russian Federation),
5 Pacific State Medical University (2 Ostryakova Ave. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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