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Background. To assess the biological potential of the Far Eastern plants as sources of vitamins E, C and carotene, 32 species were studied growing in the mountain taiga station, Far Eastern Department RAS. Methods. Quantitative determination of the carotene and vitamin conducted on existing techniques in the leaves, dried by air and shady method and milled to a particle size of 2 mm. Results. The leaders on the content of vitamins E, C and carotene was sallow thorn, the largest amount of vitamin C found in Manchu birch and sweet hogweed. Large amount of vitamin E is found in the leaves of wild cherry Maak, Daurian rose, Daurian hawthorn and sallow thorn; the smallest content of this vitamin was found in leaves of elm and Chinese magnolia. Conclusions. Native species – sallow thorn, Manchur birch, cherry Maak, Daurian rose, Daurian hawthorn and bicolor lespedeza – can be recommended as a promising source of vitamin E, C and carotene.

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D.М. Chernyak, М.S. Titova
Mountain taiga station named V.L. Komarov of Far Eastern Department of Russian Academy of Sciences (26 Solnechnaya Str. Gornotayozhnoe, Ussurisk district, Primorsky territory 692533 Russian Federation)

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