The pharmacological properties, experimental research and clinical application of tafluprost

Written by Petrov S.Yu., Safonova D.M.

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Pharmacodynamics of tafluprost, the first commercially available preservative-free unit-dose prostaglandin analogue, is analyzed in the article. Characteristic of the experimental preclinical studies, as well as the first three phases of tafluprost clinical trials are presented. A strong IOP-lowering effect of a once a day local administration of tafluprost in the patients with ocular hypertension and primary open-angle glaucoma is described. The review also analyzes post-approval studies of the comparative efficacy and tolerability of tafluprost and assesses the prospects of the new drug.

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S.Yu. Petrov, D.M. Safonova
Scientific Research Institute of Eye Diseases (11a–b, Rossolimo St. Moscow 119021 Russian Federation)

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