Extrapulmonary tuberculosis problem in epidemiologic situation

Written by Mordyk А.V., Yakovleva А.А., Nikolaeva I.N., Leontiev V.V.

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The analysis of Russian and foreign literature sources, addressed to the problem of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in current epidemiologic situation, was made. It is found that in acute epidemiologic situation of tuberculosis in general the proportion of extrathoracic tuberculosis in Russia diminished from 3.6 to 3.2 %. Tuberculosis of osteoarticular and genitourinary systems and tuberculosis of peripheral lymph nodes dominate among extrapulmonary allocations. However extrapulmonary tuberculosis still remains the current issue with reference of projected growth of tuberculosis morbidity and low detection frequency of extrathoracic injures, that requires new approaches to the detection and methods development of extrapulmonary tuberculosis diagnostics.

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А.V. Mordyk1, А.А. Yakovleva2, I.N. Nikolaeva2, V.V. Leontiev2
1 Omsk State Medical Academy (12 Lenina St. Omsk 644043 Russian Federation),
2 Clinical Tuberculosis Dispensary No. 4 (8a Himikov St. Omsk 644050 Russian Federation)

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