Antiviral therapy for chronic HBV during pregnancy

Written by Bogomolov P.O., Matsievich M.V., Voronkova N.V., Kuzmina O.S.

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Chronic hepatitis B treatment during pregnancy is an extremely difficult task. Regardless immunoprophylaxis a significant proportion of children, born of mothers with high viraemia, is infect-ed with hepatitis B virus. Accumulating data suggests that antiviral therapy is an effective therapy procedure in III trimester for immunoprophylaxis failed. To minimize the counterparts of nucleosi(ti)des impact on embryo antiviral therapy during pregnancy should be prescribed to women at high risk of progressive disease and/ or hepatic decompensation. Currently received safety data gives evidence of telbivudin and tenofovir may be taken during pregnancy. At the same time antiviral therapy requires a careful assessment of risk-benefit ratio.

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P.O. Bogomolov1, M.V. Matsievich1, N.V. Voronkova1, O.S. Kuzmina2
1 Moscow’s regional research clinical institute n.a. M.F. Vladimirskiy (61/2 Schepkin str., Moscow, 129110),
2 Podolsk clinical hospital (38, Kirova str., Podolsk, 142100)

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