Endothelial and epithelial corneal dystrophy monitoring before and after the crosslinking with the use of new densitometry index

Written by Churganova M.V., Luzianina V.V.

  UDK: 616.713–002.43–073 | Pages: 46–48 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 


Background. The study objective is the analysis of corneal optical density (COD) indexes when endothelial and epithelial dystrophy (EED) before and after riboflavin-associated photocrosslinking.
Methods. 20 patients (20 eyes) were examined with one-sided secondary EED at the second disease stage, before and in 1, 3, and 6 mothns after the crosslinking. The dynamics of general and selective COD were studied with the use of Scheimpflug images.
Results. It was detected the decrease of COD after the crosslinking in a month, stabilization – in 3 months, and slight increase after 6 months.
Conclusions. Selective indexes of COD are the priority for diagnostics and regular medical check-up for patients with EED, and also for early detection of indication to keratoplasty, and for realization of this ethiopathogenetic way of treatment, which is the only one nowadays.

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M.V. Churganova, V.V. Luzianina
Primorsky center of eye microsurgery (100e Borisenko St. Vladivostok 690088 Russian Federation)

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