Justification of practical ways to improve the effectiveness of primary prevention of dental diseases in school children with sensory deprivation.

Written by Tarasova N.V., Surdo E.S., Galonsky V.G.

  UDK: 616.31–084–053.5:617.75 | Pages: 49–51 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 

Background. The study objective is the increase of efficiency of primary care of main dentistry diseases in school children with sensory deprivation.
Methods. Sanitary and hygienic education was conducted during 12 months in schools for blind and partially sighted children. 122 pupils took participation aged from 7 to 18. The active forms of sanitary education were conducted – ‘Dentistry health lessons’ with personalized teaching
Results. In 12 months it was nored the increase of oral cavity hygiene to 1.3±0.1(Green-Vermillion index) and improvement of parodontium issue from 31.4 to 20.1 % (PMA index).
Conclusions. The implementation result of dentistry and hygiene education in educational process of special schools for children with sensory deprivation was the formation of steady manual skils of hygiene of oral cavity and their system realization in the day life.

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N.V. Tarasova1, E.S. Surdo1, V.G. Galonsky1, 2
1 Voino-Yasnetskiy Krasnoyarsk State Medical University (1 Partizana Zhelyaznyaka St. Krasnoyarsk 660022 Russian Federation),
2 Research Institute of medical problem in the North (3g Partizana Zhelyaznyaka St. Krasnoyarsk 660022 Russian Federation)

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