Morphometric control of disk of optic nerve in children with developmental glaucoma in regular medical check-up

Written by Fenkova О.G., Gusarevich О.G., Fursova А.Zh.

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Background. Research objective is assessment of informative value of optical coherence tomography in children with developmental glaucoma in regular medical check-up.
Methods. 23 children aged 4–15 years were observed (2013–2014). Morphometric measures of disk of optic nerve was studied by optical coherence tomography method.
Results. With developmental glaucoma it was detected the reduction of disk rim area, the thinning of nerve fibers layer of peripapillary retina, excavation distention and reproportion of excavation and disk of optic nerve square. Reproportion of these parameters in dynamics was detected in decompensation of disease and progression of glaucomous neuropathy.
Conclusions. Implementation of optical coherence tomography in process of regular medical check-up of children with developmental glaucoma makes possible the early detection and diagnostics of reproportion of disk of optic nerve, and control of disease progression.

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О.G. Fenkova1, О.G. Gusarevich1, 2, А.Zh. Fursova1
1 State Novosibirsk Regional Clinical Hospital (130 Nemirovicha-Danchenko St. Novosibirsk 630087 Russian Federation),
2 Novosibirsk State Medical University (52 Krasnyi Ave. Novosibirsk 630091 Russian Federation)

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