Metered-dose laser suturolisis during postsurgical case management of patients with open-angle glaucoma

Written by Ruchkin M.P., Negodina D.A., Turgenev D.V.

  UDK: 617.7–007.681–085.849.19 | Pages: 63–65 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 


Background. The study objective is to assess the effectiveness of laser suturolisis after glaucoma surgery.
Methods. Two groups of patients were compared after J.E. Cairns fistulizing sinus trabeculectomy. In the first group (22 patients – 35 eyes) on the fifth day after surgery the laser suturolisis with the methods of O.V. Bondarenko. In second group (20 patients – 33 eyes) the laser surgery was not conducted.
Results. During 6 months of postsurgical observation the average level of the intraocular pressure in pationts of the first group maintained lower than those in patients of the second group. After the laser suturolisis the were following complications: hyphema, separation of choroid, hypotension with the syndrome of shallow anterior chamber.
Conclusions. The use of laser suturolisis of scleral stitches after the sinus trabeculectomy allows to prolong hypotension surgery effect. However this technology is not secure and may cause complications, which require extra surgery maneuvers.

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M.P. Ruchkin, D.A. Negodina, D.V. Turgenev
Primorsky center of eye microsurgery (100e Borisenko St. Vladivostok 690088 Russian Federation)

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