Living standards assessment of Primorsky territory population

Written by Shiter N.S., Kiku P.F., Yarygina М.V., Gamova S.V., Bogdanova V.D., Zavialova Y.S.

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Background. The most important task of the current stage of social and economic development of Russia is the formation of strong, citizen-focused conditions for a dignified life and free development of the person, reducing social inequality, rising incomes, ensuring universal access to quality and affordable basic social services.
Methods. The analysis of the living standards of the population was conducted in Primorye Territory for ten years (2004–2013). The method of evaluation of the “crisis” quality of life index was used, developed at the geographical department of Moscow State University.
Results. Since 2004 there is a tendency to increase the living standards of the population. “Crisis” index showed a tendency to an increase in 2004 with a slight decrease in 2008. Since 2008, there was a steady growth rate, and by 2012 its value reached 0.746 and practically was close to the lower boundary of de-velopment.
Conclusions. The combined study of the factors that affect the quality of life of the population reveals a close connection between all indicators and that the quality of life in Primorsky territory is gradually im-proving, but not in all categories. For a full increase of living standards it is necessary that all indicators that characterize a social and economic phenomenon, had positive trends, only then we can say that the living standards in the region has reached the minimum value of the “crisis”.

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N.S. Shiter, P.F. Kiku, М.V. Yarygina, S.V. Gamova, V.D. Bogdanova, Y.S. Zavialova
School of Biomedicine, Far Eastern Federal University (8 Suhanova St. Vladivostok 690950 Russian Federation)

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