Herbal drugs in combined therapy and metaphylaxis of nephrolithiatis

Written by Yarovoy S.K.

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It was conducted a comparative analysis of the properties of synthetic drugs and herbal drugs in relation to medical treatment of nephrolithiasis. It was determined the ways of the influence of herbal drugs on the pathogenesis of urolithiasis. For example, “Rovatineks” drug demonstrated the possibility of using herbal medicines in the treatment of urolithiasis. Article is supplemented with a brief analysis of contemporary trends in the development of herbal medicine.

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S.K. Yarovoy
N.A. Lopatkin Research Institute of Urology and Intervention Radiology – branch of National Medical Research Radiology Centre (51 3rd Parkovaya St. Moscow 105425 Russian Federation), City Clinical Hospital No. 57 (32 11th Parkovaya St. Moscow 105077 Russian Federation)

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