Possibilities of diagnostic algorithm and low-invasive methods of treatment of patients with pancreatonecrosis in accordance with disease severity

Written by Trubacheva A.V., Dolgikh V.T., Kuznetsov Y.V.

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Background. The success in the treatment of acute pancreatitis largely depends on early diagnosis and the use of modern high-tech minimally invasive surgery.
Methods. A retrospective study of 105 cases of acute pancreatitis (53 men and 52 women aged from 18 to 82 years), which required surgical treatment, was made.
Results. Informative function of the ultrasound scan depended on the severity of the disease and decreased in severe necrotizing pancreatitis (more than 60 % of non-informative study). The accuracy of CT in the early period of the disease was low and increased with the formation of lesions in the destruction of the pancreas. In mild and moderate pancreatitis more than 70 % of the patients were successfully treated with minimally invasive techniques, with severe necrotizing pancreatitis efficacy of minimally invasive procedures decreased to 7.4 %.
Conclusions. The complex of current diagnostic and treatment techniques is effective in mild to moderate severity of acute pancreatitis, it is not sufficient in severe necrotizing pancreatitis in patients, particularly in early stage of the disease.

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A.V. Trubacheva1, 2, V.T. Dolgikh1, Y.V. Kuznetsov2
1 Omsk State Medical Academy (12 Lenina St. Omsk 644043 Russian Frderation),
2 Novosibirsk State Medical University (52 Krasny Ave. Novosibirsk 630091 Russian Frderation)

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