Iatrogenic traumas of the urinary tract and their prevention in the surgical treatment of colorectal cancer

Written by Demidov S.M., Frank M.A., Murzin M.O., Sanzharov A.E., Korotkov P.B.

  UDK: 616.62-006-089.168.1-06-084 | Pages: 38–41 | Full text PDF | Open PDF 

Background. Research objective is to determine whether the ureteral catheterization is an effective measure to prevent compromise of an urinary system in colorectal cancer (CRC) and to determine the indications for it.
Methods. It was analyzed 321 cases of patients aged 36–78 who were treated for colorectal cancer. It was selected 28 cases (8.7 %) with suspected compromise of an urinary tract (in 19 cases ureteral catheterization was performed).
Results. Based on this analysis, our observations were divided into two groups: 1) 10 patients who had complications of the urinary system as a result of a surgery (in 8 cases the ureter was damaged, in 2 cases the urethra was damaged); 2) 18 patients who had no complications of the urinary system. In group 1 ureteral catheterization was performed to one patient, in group 2 – to all patients.
Conclusions. Ureteral catheterization prevents its compromise within a surgery for colorectal cancer or contributes to early diagnosis of damage. The catheter, installed in the upper urinary tract, makes it possible to perform intraoperative retrograde ureteropyelography and thus exclude or diagnose iatrogenic injury.

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S.M. Demidov1, 2, M.A. Frank1, 2, M.O. Murzin1, A.E. Sanzharov1, P.B. Korotkov1
1 City Clinical Hospital No. 40 (189 Volgogradskaya St. Ekaterinburg 620120 Russian Federation),
2 Ural State Medical University (3 Repina St. Ekaterinburg 620028 Russian Federation)

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